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Can’t Afford Fun For Your Cat

In the last post we told you that there were two types of cat parents the one that gives their cat everything and the ones who can’t afford that much. You want everything for your cat don’t you? If you […]


The 2 Types of Cat Parents

There are at least two types of cat parents (owners) out there. The 2 types of cat parents are: on one end of the spectrum we have the cat people who would do anything just so kitty can have the […]


Taking Care of Your Cat on the Cheap

Did you know that the average person spends between $700 to $900 dollars a year on their cat? The more cats you have and the more you “spoil” them your money amount could be much higher. Of course, you tell […]


How Much Money Do You Spend On Your Cat?

Let’s face it, the cost of living isn’t getting any cheaper. Everything across the board from housing to food to merchandise is sky rocketing in price. It seems the only thing that does not go up is your pay. It […]


Money Saving TIps For Cats